Poor Farm – A Novel About Autism in Nineteenth Century Nova Scotia

Hello Y’All! I have some exciting news. BUT….before I do that, I have had a complaint about the email system associated with Word Press. Apparently there is some ‘tacky’ ads that you must bet through before you can read the blog. My apologies for that! It is the email system that comes with Word Press even if you pay for your blog space. I cannot control it.

Now, on to the exciting news! Author Ronan O’Driscoll (with his utterly lovely Irish lilt) has a forthcoming novel about autism in the nineteenth century in Nova Scotia. His novel deals with a character in a poor farm in rural Nova Scotia who has undiagnosed autism (because we did not know what autism was in those days) and how this person is treated.

I will not get into his novel too much, however, suffice to say, you will want to read this novel. It is being published by a small rural publisher *ahem* called Moose House Publications.

Ronan’s blog talking about his upcoming books is here:https://poor.farm/blog/

The book is expected to be out by this Spring. I shall be promoting on this blog when it does. 🙂

The Halifax County Poor Farm at Cole Harbour

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