Volume 2 – The Contract is Signed

Good Morning Everyone! Well, it’s finally done! The contract for writing Volume 2 of A Wholesome Horror has been signed. I have one year to come up with research and a written manuscript with more information about poor houses in Nova Scotia.

I have already done research into a few things I did not cover in the first book of poor houses and have an idea of topics I would like to add in this next book. I am thinking of adding a chapter about Children in the Poor House and Women in the Poor House. Children would have had different experiences in a poor house where, depending upon their age, would have been adopted out or indentured out to businesses.

Just the other day I had a message from a woman whose great grandmothers were ‘committed’ to a poor house asylum. I have had several of these messages and decided to devote a chapter to the specific experience of women in poor houses.

I’m also interested in writing about Immigrants in poor houses, however, that would limit me to the homes located in Halifax and other port towns.

I have found some stories about people in poor houses in the oddest locations. These stories are usually written about in passing and, like a nugget of gold, I dig deeper into documents and find more information about this ‘passing story’.

I am still looking for information about the poor homes in Cape Breton (Ingonish and North Sydney) but researching in a pandemic certainly has it’s limits! I can do research on line, interviews on the telephone or on Skype, but getting to the Archives and just digging is not possible any more. I miss you terribly Public Archives of Nova Scotia!!

My question is, What do you, gentle reader, think I should include in this second book? Do you have a suggestion? A Story? A Complaint? (please do not call me up and tell me how wonderful it was to work there! See my last post.) Do you want more images? More details? Message me or comment on here and I shall see what I can find in my research digging!

4 thoughts on “Volume 2 – The Contract is Signed

  1. as a matter of fact, I do (maybe). You touched on it a little bit above. Shipwreck survivors. In particular (and selfishly) The Despatch that was wrecked off of Newfoundland in 1828. They were headed to Quebec; but, rescued and brought to Halifax on the HMS Tyne. A few near and dear to me ended up in Kings County on North Mountain. Where were they from Aug 1828 until we know they were safely settled in 1829 in Kings County.


  2. Hi ….I am interested in seeing if any of the properties are still standing? ..are they treated as historic buildings?
    I am not from Nova Scotia and had not heard about this until I moved here and saw your book.


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