Where was your family member in 1880?

A partial list of names of those who spent time in the Halifax Poor House in the Year 1880


Happy New Year! Happy 2020!

I was doing more research on poor houses in Nova Scotia the other day, digging deeper, finding names, finding stories when it occurred to me (wake up Brenda!!) that I should be sharing some of this research on here.

The first document I want to share comes from deep within the Nova Scotia Legislature website and is from 1880.  There are a number of these reports in this website and when I was researching for the book A Wholesome Horror: Poor Houses in Nova Scotia, I came across these reports which were invaluable. You can find any number of these reports on THIS site.

The Report of the Commissioners of Public Charities for the Year 1880 contains a great deal of names of the ‘inmates’ who spent time at the Halifax Poor House in 1880. Many of the names are from all over Nova Scotia, Canada, the United States and other parts of the world.

Are you searching for your family history and have hit a wall? Your ancestor might have spent some time in this poor house. By 1880, this would have been the third and last poor house in Halifax. This poor house was newer and was located on the corners of Robie and South Streets where the IWK Children’s Hospital is currently located.

There are hundreds if not thousands of names in here and this is just one year. Start exploring and see if you can find who you are looking for. They may have stayed just one night at the Poor House or they may have stayed for the rest of their lives.  However long the ‘inmate’ stayed, just take a moment to appreciate what they would have been through, how they would have been treated, what brought them here. The ‘inmate’ was more than just a name. Think of that as you peruse through the report.




2 thoughts on “Where was your family member in 1880?

  1. Thank you for sharing the site for the report of the Halifax Poor House. It helps where doing area genealogy. Now I know what happened to many that suddenly seemed to disappear.
    Wendy Sheet Harbour Heritage


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