Finding Your Canadian Story…the Poor

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! I’ve been busy selling books from my new business, Moose House Publications at local Christmas Farmers’ Markets. A Wholesome Horror: Poor Houses in Nova Scotia is still selling very well. People see the photo of the old Marshalltown Alms House and stop in their tracks. Many have stories to tell me about the house, relatives that were in poor houses or relatives who worked for the poor house.

A friend of mine and follower of this blog, Wilfed Allan, (whom I lovingly call “Willard”) sent me a link to an interesting blog by Candice MacDonald that I want to share with you on here. It has some links to seeking information of your ancestors who may have lived for some time in a poor house in central and eastern Canada. I tried contacting her through her blog but no luck so I am sharing it here anyway.


The above image is the poor house from Berlin, Ontario. Candice MacDonald’s blog post is Finding Your Canadian Story

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