Queens County-14 miles from Everywhere

Liverpool, Queens County, seems like it would have been the natural place to  locate a poor house on the outskirts of the town. Most of the poor houses were located outside the towns in each of the counties. However, in Queens County, not only was there a lot of discussion about establishing a poor house, the discussion went on for many years.  Some of the administrators wanted the poor to continue to be auctioned off to the lowest bidder while other policy makers believed the poor house system was more humane.

By 1892, however, the discussion came to an agreement and an old farm house was purchased in Middlefield to house the poor of Queens County. If you know your Nova Scotia geography at all, this location was located near the middle of the province, far from the town of Liverpool. The poor farm was located on the corner of the #8 Highway and Middlefield Road as shown by the pin point on this map.


Screenshot (8)
Middlefield is located in what is still considered rural Nova Scotia, on the #8 Highway in South West Nova Scotia. Forestry and Farming were big industries here at one time.

Even the Inspector of Public Charities, Dr. Sinclair, wondered why the location of the Queens County poor house was so far away from Liverpool and Annapolis Royal, describing it as “…fourteen miles from everywhere”.

Screenshot (9)
The old Queens County Poor Farm as it looked in 2015. Courtesy of Google Earth. 

Today, the site of the old Queens County Poor Farm is now home to Hillsview Acres, Home for Special Care. Many of the poor farms and houses transitioned into care homes for the mentally and physically challenged and for elderly people who were no longer able to care for themselves.

The Queens County Poor Farm is another image that I cannot find. Do you have a photo of it as it looked years ago? Do you know someone who had a photo of the Queens County Poor Farm from years ago?

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