Kings County- FOUR Poor Houses in One County

Kings’ County, Nova Scotia, had the distinction of having the most poor houses in the province. This county had a poor house in Billtown (also known as the Cornwallis Poor House), Horton (also known as the Greenwich Poor House), Aylesford (also know as the Auburn Poor House) and eventually Waterville.

The Billtown Poor House was located in the hamlet of Billtown, Kings’ County in an old farm house. Some of my family rented this farm house in the early 1970s after it was no longer a poor farm.

Screenshot (52)

The Greenwood/Auburn/Aylesford Poor House was in back of what is now the Greenwood Military Base. It was located on the aptly named Poor Farm Road.

Screenshot (5)

The Horton/Greenwich Poor House location is now in the middle of an intersection just behind the Irving Gas Station on the #358 highway.

Screenshot (7)_LI.jpg


These three poor houses closed in the 1920s when the Waterville Poor House and Asylum opened and took residents from all three of these homes.  It was located on what is still called the County Home Road. I had a family ancestor in this home who died there in the early 1980s. She was not poor but was accused of being mentally ill.  She is buried at the grave site that still exists beside the Waterville Rehabilitation Centre.

Waterville Poor Farm, established in the early 1920s. Kings County

Does anyone have a photo of the Aylesford Poor Farm? Wayne E. Baltzer and Randy Rockwell have allowed me to use photos of the Billtown Poor House, the Horton Poor House and the Waterville Poor House. However, no one seems to have a photo of the Aylesford Township Poor House. Please let me know if you have such a photo or know of someone who has such a photo.

Cheers~ Brenda T.

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