The Book Launch was Spectacular!

The book launch for A Wholesome Horror: Poor Houses in Nova Scotia was held last Sunday, May 20 and it was wonderful. It was pouring down raining but that did not stop people from coming out to the launch. The Sissiboo Cafe in Annapolis Royal was packed with wall to wall people with others out the door, in the rain, waiting to get in. It was beyond my wildest expectations for the launch.

My mum, Juanita Thompson, helping out with book sales. My mother in law, June Folks, is over by the window. 


I sold over 100 copies on Sunday with more going out the door! I was especially thrilled to see people at the launch that I had not seen in years. Kathy Eichhorn came all the way from Yarmouth as did my second cousin Sally Caldwell. Kathy and I went to Dartmouth Vocational School together in the late 1980s.  I met Paul McCormick, who has been my FB friend for years, for the first time in person.  My most supportive media friend, Robert Devet, was there for the Nova Scotia Advocate. And my Grade 5 teacher, Mr. Randy Hudston, drove all the way from Nine Mile River to be here. It has been more than 30 years! (As a back story, I was in Mr. Hudston’s first class out of teaching college. He might have been 23 years old at the time.  I organized a general strike for the girls in his classroom that year. I’m sure I was an absolute delight of a student! 🙂 ) Garth Lescaudron did the catering which received raves. My friends, my cafe customers, my family members, and people I have never met before were all very supportive and wanted copies of the book.

The book will continue to be available through me or through the publisher, Scott Smith Publications and, as of May 31,  local independent book store Baintons Book Store or through Amazon or Chapters.

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